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Our team is committed to delivering our patients the highest quality of care possible. Our doctors have dedicated thousands of hours into educating and training themselves in the world of neuroscience and rehabilitation. We go to great lengths to individualize care to each patient’s needs. Each patient gets thoroughly evaluated. This helps us uncover the potential root cause of your condition. From there we custom tailor a treatment plan to your unique findings.

In the current medical model there often is a large disconnect between your neurologist and rehabilitation. Their main treatment option for patients is medication. Rarely, do they take the time to fully examine a patient and prescribe a tailored neurological rehabilitation program based on their findings. Most that experience this will leave their neurologist disappointed as a result.

Our clinic is designed to bridge that gap. Our doctors are trained in how to perform a comprehensive neurological examination as well as create an individualized rehabilitation plan based on their examination. This approach is logical and not overly complicated. Not surprisingly, it is much more effective than the conventional approach. And because the nervous system is intertwined with many other systems like your musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints, ligaments), endocrine system (hormones), and metabolic system (chemistry) they have foundational training in these areas to aid in their comprehensive work detecting the root cause of your issues.

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5230 Carroll Canyon Rd Ste 218, San Diego, CA 92121

5230 Carroll Canyon Rd Ste 218, San Diego, CA 92121, USA